An Update on Hope

52_1465423460051We are astounded at the generosity of everyone that Hope’s story has touched. The inbox for our email is filled with not just donations, but with prayers and messages of strength and love.

Through these combined efforts as well as the care her doctors and her foster have given her, Hope is doing much better…and getting stronger every day.  She has gained ten pounds since her first admission to the hospital and we are all very pleased with her progress. Though this progress may seem slow, it is steady and following the track laid out for her by her veterinarians. She is responding very well to her treatments and feeding schedules…even if she believes she should be fed more often.

She is stable; barring any totally unforeseen circumstances, she should make a full recovery and we currently expect no issues.  She does have some pretty major arthritis in her hips and legs, but that is to be expected from a retired working dog and illustrates the type of life that she led. Those issues will be addressed with therapy and supplements when she is better and at her fully recovered weight.

The case is still ongoing, as far as we know, so we cannot divulge anything about her owner or the circumstances surrounding her seizure by county authorities. We will keep everyone up to date on that as best we can.

She is doing fantastic in her foster home and has begun to try to play with her foster siblings, also German Shepherds.  She’s still very slight, though, so she has to be careful or they will knock her over. She loves sleeping on the bed and is, according to her foster, “a big ol lazy lap shepherd.” Hope has bonded with her foster, who has also been her primary nurse and caretaker. Her foster family plans to adopt Hope and we believe that is the best place for her.

I’d like to say that I was shocked by her condition, despite her status as a retired law enforcement K9; I can say that I was appalled and incredibly disappointed with humanity in general. While her status made her newsworthy, animal neglect is nothing new. I can only hope that the spotlight on this case helps to make these crimes easier to prosecute with penalties that are better suited with the level of disdain for life shown by the ‘owners.’

The rest of Hope’s natural life will be as comfortable as we can make it. Our rescue is dedicated to our dogs and cats for their entire lives. Once an animal is adopted out, if there is a problem, be it financial, behavioral, or whatever, we are always willing to take the animal back in. In fact, we’ve have had to go on road trips to retrieve one or two that had found themselves out of state and needing to come home.

At the moment, Hope’s medical bills are covered and we are thankful we have been able to help her. Those wishing to help can make a contribution in Hope’s name to another wounded or neglected dog…sadly, there are plenty found on any number of Facebook pages and rescue websites. We won’t, however, turn away additional donations since they will allow us to help other animals in our area. Readers as disturbed as we were with Hope’s condition could research their local laws regarding animal neglect and cruelty to ensure those laws are suitable; and if they are not, work to change them. Enforceable anti-tethering laws may have been able to get help for Hope before she nearly died.

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