An Update on Hope (2)

IMG9523751Hope is finally up to a reasonable weight.  She is now sixty pounds of gorgeous with silky fur and bright eyes.

Her future is shaping up to be full of rest and comfort. There’s (hopefully) just one more obstacle in her way.

Due to her age, breed, and former activity level, Hope is suffering from arthritis as well as a bad case of hip dysplasia. Along with her vets at Pine Tree Animal Hospital, we have decided to have the FHO procedure done on her back legs to alleviate her pain.

This procedure, called the Femoral Head Ostectomy, removes the top of the femoral bone where it joins the hip. A dense fibrous tissue develops, similar to scar tissue, that helps cushion the area. Hope will have one leg done at a time to limit her immobility and will undergo rehabilitative therapy.

I, personally, have a dog about Hope’s size that underwent this surgery two years ago. My dog, also originally named Hope, oddly enough, and now named Brundle Bear, has full range of motion in her leg and runs with no issues. Someone who did not know she had part of her bone removed from her leg would never know she had surgery at all.

Hope’s spirit and determination give us no doubt that she will recover as quickly and as fully as our past experiences have shown possible.

All in all, her future looks pretty bright.



That’s not to say that she still hasn’t given us a scare or two.  Hope spent one more recent night at the hospital under close observation after she and her foster sibling found, opened, and ate an entire bag of dog food.


Hope, her foster, and all the volunteers at TARA would like to thank Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers for this incredible blanket.

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