Gale – Adopted

Imagine you are walking alone, in the dark, in the cold night that only promises to be colder. Imagine that you are limping from a broken leg, riddled with infection, and are at 65% of your ideal body weight. But you keep moving, fighting the wind that is so strong, because it is so cold that if you lay down to sleep you will probably not wake up. You keep moving because somewhere there has to be someone willing to help you.

Meet Gale.

She was found in the southern Hoke County area, limping along a country road.

A plea went out on Facebook and was seen by one of the TARA volunteers. A few calls later and Gale was on her way to Small Animal Emergency Clinic in Vass. She has a broken front leg, demodex mange that has progressed into a widespread skin infection, and has been eating roadkill for some time. The vets are (right now) attempting to get her to throw up the bad stuff so that we can begin healthy eating. Gale weighs 13 pounds and should, according to our amazing vet, weigh 20.

She will spend the night warm and safe at the vet’s office and tomorrow, hopefully, move to one of TARA’s fosters. Right now her veterinary bill is right around $800. Please consider donating to TARA so that we can continue to be the someone willing and able to help those in need.

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