Merry’s Christmas Wish

Hi, my name is Merry. I believe in Santa and Christmas miracles and I’m hoping that you can help me make my wish come true.
You see, I am about eight years old, but I need some help. I’ve not had the best life for a dog. Earlier this year, after three weeks of being tied up in a Harnett county yard, I found myself at Animal Control. Like most other county shelters in North Carolina, this shelter kills for space.
But, I was lucky. T.A.R.A. (Tilted Acres Rescue & Adoptions, Inc.) found me and saved my life. I went to live in a foster home with other dogs. I got fed plenty of good food and received lots of love.
But my foster mom realized that something was really wrong. I am in pain. All the time. She took me to a very nice vet who discovered that I have an extreme case of arthritis. I have difficulty walking and managing my pain.
After talking to so many people to try and make me feel better, my foster mom found out that there may be help for me. But I need your help to get the therapy I need to allow me to combat my situation. In addition to medicine, we are looking at braces for my legs that will help me walk without being in pain.
This sit pose that you see in my picture is very cute – people tell me that all the time – but I sit like that because it hurts less that way.
I want to be a happy dog – a merry dog.
I want to go through life as a merry and giving creature of God’s. I believe there is a future for me without pain and I believe that with your help my Christmas wish can come true. You can donate to help me through this website or here at this link.
Thank you,
Merry (and T.A.R.A.)

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