Mazi – Available

Mazi - 10 year old (f) rottweiler mix; available 4/1/17Mazi is a 10 year old Rottweiler mix. She will require a fenced in yard. She does not do well in the crate, but she does not need to be crated; however, if she is left home in a room or with no access to walk around she will “re-decorate.” She will do best in a home with a doggie door to have access to the yard. She does not interact much with other dogs, but she does best when there are other dogs around. She tends to just ignore them, but she seems to be comforted by the fact they are there. She does not like to share chew items, such as antlers or hooves, and she doesn’t have much interest in toys. If another dog does try to take one of these items from her she will stick up for herself.

In her foster home she lives with two other energetic dogs, and since everyone has figured everyone else out they are all fine. She is left uncrated with her two foster sisters when her foster mom is not home with access to the yard by a doggie door. Mom does put up the chew items when she leaves, though, so there are no arguments. She is very easy to take care of. All she really does is sleep. She gets up every now and then to come say hello and get some pets, maybe take a slow trot around the yard, but then she typically just lays back down.

We don’t think Mazi has a lot of time left. We would like to find a place for her to live out her last couple years in comfort where she will get love. We think she has not had a great life up till now so we want her to be comfortable and happy for what is left. She is heart worm negative, is 100% potty trained, and has a clean bill of health. She is very, very skinny (about 45 lbs) from living as a stray, but will gain weight as she continues to eat regularly. She is very sweet, calm, and very cool dog. She is beautiful.

TARA’s adoption fee is $120. All pets are spayed or neutered, have all age appropriate shots, are microchipped, and come with 30 days free pet insurance. Please call 910-875-5791 or come see us on Saturdays at the Ramsey St. PetSmart in Fayetteville.

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