Lulu – Adopted!

I’d like to introduce you to Lulu.

T.A.R.A. met Lulu in much the same way we meet many dogs, in the midst of an emergency. Lulu had managed to get her leg tangled in some wire. The wire cut off circulation. The skin below the wire died and sloughed off. The pictures, I have to warn you, are pretty graphic. {Picture of Lulu’s leg} {Second Picture}

Her family brought her to the emergency vet, but after finding out the extensive care she was going to require, opted to euthanize her. The staff of Small Animal Emergency Clinic of Vass believed that with time, effort, care, and of course, money, Lulu’s leg could be saved. So, they called us instead. The decision to step in and save Lulu’s life, and try to save her leg, was a quick and easy one to make.

We picked her up on Friday morning and drove her to Animal Hospital of Fayetteville where we waited anxiously to see what Dr. Garrett thought. He agreed that the leg was savable as long as it was cared for properly and we were willing to help her heal for the 2-3 months that would be required. Again, not a hard decision.

Her leg has been cleaned and bandaged. She has been started on anti-biotics, and she’s currently resting at a temporary foster. She will move to her permanent foster this evening. Lulu will get to go visit with Dr. Garrett and the girls at Animal Hospital of Fayetteville three times a week for the next month to get her wound inspected, cleaned, and her bandages changed. Hopefully, then we can move to twice a week. Overall, though, she will be under veterinary care for about three months.

Lulu is a three year old pit bull mix that has already had two litters of puppies. Once we have her leg under control, we will ensure she never has to endure another litter. We’ve updated her shots and made her as comfortable as possible. We even stopped for McDonald’s after her vet visit.

Donations from the public are what fuel our emergency medical fund. If you would like to help with Lulu’s expenses, a Paypal donation can be made to: There is also a donation button on our website:  If you’d like, you can also call Animal Hospital of Fayetteville and make a donation directly to the vet towards Lulu’s care. You can reach the vet’s office at: 910-323-1535.

Thank you for helping us help them: one by one…until there are none.

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